The foundation

The Malik Bendjelloul Memorial Foundation (Stiftelsen Malik Bendjellouls minne) was founded on 14 September 2014 by the Bendjelloul family and an international network of documentary filmmakers and producers. The founders wish to honour Malik in this way as an inspiration for future generations of documentary filmmakers. 

This is how the purpose of the foundation is formulated in the statutes:

The purpose of the foundation is to support documentary filmmakers. The aim is to create a new source of funding for documentary filmmakers; to offer them support and inspiration, including those who are not yet established professionals. The support comes in the form of grants and mentoring. The foundation shall favour projects in line with Malik Bendjelloul’s legacy of creativity, good storytelling and do-it-yourself-spirit. In light of the global nature of documentary films, a premium will be put on projects with a potential to reach an international audience.

The board

The foundation is governed by a board appointed by the Bendjelloul family. This is the current board, tasked with living up to the foundation’s purpose and collecting means to support the fund. The members of the board are unpaid. The board appoints a jury to select grantees.

Malcolm Dixelius, chairman
Simone Baumann, member
Johar Bendjelloul, member
Simon Chinn, member
Stina Gardell, member
John Battsek, deputy
Hjalmar Palmgren, deputy
Marika Griehsel, deputy

The members of the board are unpaid and meet once a year in Stockholm.

The fund is administered by Paperworks AB, professional auditors, based in Stockholm.

The board appoints a jury to select grantees.

The fund

  • The fund started with a private donation and part of the means left behind by Malik. 
  • The foundation does not seek public funding, since that would create competition with the same filmmakers we seek to support. 
  • The fund will maintain a high ethical standard and full transparency. 
  • The foundation is currently seeking new partners and financiers, to bolster the fund and explore other practical ways of supporting documentary filmmakers.

The fund will have a high ethical standard to protect its independence. This policy will be public and transparent.

The long-term aim is to have a fund large enough to provide not only working grants, but also be a partner in the financing of documentaries. For such a fund to be sustainable, it needs to have a strong economic base of its own and access to networks that will generate more money for great projects.


Besides providing grants for filmmakers, the foundation will use its international network to help grantees find international financing and coproduction opportunities. This work has a high priority and it is our hope that being a “Malik grantee” will help future generations of filmmakers through the maze of setbacks that dogged the “Searching for Sugar Man” production for far too long.