2019 Grantees

The grant for 2019 and the 10 000 € go to the director Gorki Glaser-Müller and his film ”Children of the Enemy”.

About ”Children of the Enemy”

In 2014 Patricio Galvez’s daughter Amanda and her husband Michael Skråmo left Sweden to join ISIS in Syria. Five years later they were both killed, leaving behind seven small children. Deep in sorrow over his daughter’s death, Patricio makes a pledge to save his grandchildren. They are found trapped in the monstrous ISIS-camp al-Hol, where conditions are life-threatening. When the Swedish authorities neglect to act on behalf of the children, Patricio is forced to take it upon himself to try to get them out.

CHILDREN OF THE ENEMY is directed by Gorki Glaser-Müller and produced by Erika Malmgren and Kristofer Henell at Cinenic Film. The film is supported by The Swedish Film Institute, The Danish Film Institute, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Göteborgs Stads Kulturnämnd and co-produced with Film i Väst, SVT, Toolbox Film, GGM Film and One Night Picture, in cooperation with DR. The Swedish distributor is TriArt.

The film is in post production and scheduled for a release in the fall/winter of 2020.