2018 Grantees

The grant for 2018 and the 10 000 € go to the directors directors Tomas Stark and Erik Lavesson and their movie ”The Standard Man”.

About The Standard Man:
“The Standard Man” is about the search for the person behind the skeleton that stands in classrooms and hospitals worldwide. These thousands of copies are based on a human skeleton. But whose? It turns out to be quite difficult to find its origin. An osteologist has determined that the young man was between 18 and 24 years old when he died and an expert in historical facial reconstruction has developed a composite image of the man. Much of the investigation around the skeleton opens up to a number of leads to follow and develop. The film takes us back to a dark chapter of the anatomical science and its connection to the mass executions in prisons and camps during the nazi dictatorship. Starting in a childhood curiosity, a cinematic journey begins, with unexpected turns that raise questions about science, art, identity, and – highly current – ethical violations within the scientific classification.

Earlier grantees
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