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In 2016, the Malik Fund gave ”early stage grants” (worth € 10 000 each) to two talented filmmakers, who are now busy working on their projects. Besides money, the fund has offered residences at the Bergman Estate on the island of Fårö and contacts through the Malik Fund’s international network.

Since the fund is still in a “consolidation stage” we will offer one new grant in 2017. The grantee will be chosen by an international jury consisting of creative people from the world of documentary film. Applications are accepted until 15 June 2017. The winner will be contacted no later than 31 August and the presentation made in Stockholm on 14 September 2017.


These are the criteria you must meet for your application to be considered:

  • Your project must be at an early stage
  • Your project must have international appeal
  • Some component of your project must be Swedish
  • Your approach must be in Malik’s “legacy of creativity, good story-telling and do-it-yourself-spirit”.


Applications are made in English.

You must write a project description of a maximum of 2 000 characters.

You are allowed to make a maximum of three attachments. Whatever you think supports your project best: a Director’s statement, a link to a promo (or other video), a recommendation, a link that illustrates your story.

Grants 2017

  • Bifogat material

    3 attachments maximum / max 3 bilagor
  • Det du tycker bäst illustrerar ditt projekt: en regiidé, en rekommendation, länk till en trailer, länk till något som stödjer din projektidé, etc. V g undvik tunga filer, bara länkar till video, tack!
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