Apply for a grant!

As soon as the Malik Fund has enough money, filmmakers will be able to apply for grants.

The basic requirement is that you have a project with a potential to reach an international audience in line with Malik Bendjelloul’s legacy of “creativity, good story-telling and do-it-yourself spirit”. As an independent fund, we can accept applications also from non-established filmmakers.

In the first instance, we will offer “development grants”, which means limited early-stage funding and access to an international network, which will help you finance your project. As the fund grows in size, we hope to provide more substantial grants to co-fund international productions.

Our ambition is to make the selection of grantees as democratic as possible, by involving a jury of professionals in the selection process, rather than buyers and commissioners. In some way we would also like to make donors and supporters of the fund involved, so that they will know how the fund is used.