The Malik Bendjelloul Memorial Foundation

The Malik Bendjelloul Memorial Foundation is a newly established foundation with the aim to carry on the memory of Malik Bendjelloul by honor his passion – documentary filmmaking.

Would you like to be a part of this movement, to honor Malik Bendjelloul and share the success of future documentaries?

Bank transfer: Svenska Handelsbanken, clearing# 6537, account# 942 693 388 

For international bank transfer
Swift adress: HANDSESS
IBAN: SE11 6000 0000 0009 4269 3388

Swish: To number 0704222650 (Malcolm Dixelius).

Thank you for your important contribution!

Pressmeddelande 160914: Malikfonden delar ut sina första stipendier

Två svenska dokumentärfilmare blir pristagare av de första stipendierna från Malikfonden. I dag på Malik Bendjellouls födelsedag delas prissumman på 20 000 euro ut.

Stipendiaterna är Anastasia Kirillova med projektet Bar Answer – the agents of troubled love och Jacob Frössén med projektet Motorik.

Mer än hundra filmare sökte de första utvecklingsstipendierna från Malikfonden, som utlystes tidigare i år. En internationell jury har nu valt två svenska filmare, som vardera får 10 000 euro för att utveckla sina projekt. Förutom prissumman erbjuder Malikfonden stöd till de båda filmarna genom sina internationella nätverk.

Stipendierna överlämnas den 14 september, som är årsdagen av inrättandet av Insamlingsfonden Malik Bendjellouls minne.

Malik Fund Grantees 2016.
This is the jury’s statement:
With over 100 entries the task for the jury to select only two Grantees, was both interesting, inspiring and hard work. It is wonderful to see the wealth of talent. The jury has the pleasure of presenting the two very first Grantees of the Malik Fund:

Anastasia Kirillova with her documentary film project: Bar Answer – the Agents of Troubled Love and Jacob Frössén, with his documentary film project: Motorik.

Both Grantees are emerging filmmakers with projects about fascinating, little known subjects and a strong artistic approach.

Extracts from the two project Ideas:

“Bar Answer” is part of a Japanese phenomenon called Wakaressaseya. The literal translation is “break-upper” and refers to the act of breaking up relationships: For a fee, a client names a target. While the individual cases are all very different, the clients seem to have one thing in common, which an anonymous agent of the business describes as “the look of desperation in their eyes” We want to paint a picture of the troubled nature of love, by listening to the voices of ‘agents’ whose job can provide a truly unique comment on the state of modern-day relationships.”

”Motorik” will be about the drum beat often called Motorik that was invented by the drummer Klaus Dinger in the German band NEU!, which was active in Düsseldorf during the 70s. By making very long pieces of music where the drum beat goes on and on in the same way, the idea was to give the listener a sense of endlessness. I want to explore this idea of eternity and rhythm and in this film you will meet people who is influenced by the Motorik-beat. I want to talk to them about their music and art, and how this drum beat inspired them and what kind of emotions it gives the. But behind the drum beat was also a love story.”

Each Grantee will receive € 10 000 on 14 September 2016.

Through the Malik Fund, the grantees will also gain access to a peer network, which will help them pitch their projects internationally.

The Malik Bendjelloul Memorial Foundation is a newly established foundation with the aim to carry on the memory of Malik Bendjelloul as a tribute to his passion – documentary filmmaking. Its long term aim is to build the Malik Fund into an independent force for the development of first class international documentary film; a fund to ”Free Your Spirit”.

Grantees where chosen by an international jury consisting of Martichka Bozhilova (Bulgaria), James Marsh (UK), Johar Bendjelloul, representing the Foundation and Marika Griehsel (Sweden), acting chairperson.